And my Tea Party was hateful?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Response

Dear Ms. Garofalo,
I have always been a big fan of your comedy, despite our diametrically opposed political views. I even found your political comedy witty and humorous. While contrasting my own political beliefs, good satire is always greatly appreciated. I saw you appearance on Keith Olbermann and was shocked, outraged and enraged. You accused a few hundred thousand Americans of being racist, because they disagree with the President’s policies. Such a hasty generalization is as dangerous and shortsighted as the racists whom you impugn. I will not discount the fact that a movement of our size will have a few fringe thinkers, but that can be said of any group. This appearance was different than any other I have seen you give. It was not funny. It was hateful and ill informed. I once respected your work as an actress and comedian, but I find that difficult after being so maligned by your words.

I will not attempt to claim an anti-racist credentials by listing the number of minority friends I have or any minority based service groups I am affiliated. I do not subdivide my associates by race, gender creed or any other determiner. They are the people in my life I love and that is all that matters. I was not an attendee at a local Tea Party, but a Tea Party planner and local activist. I do not care about the color of the President’s skin or any other descriptor. I care about increased government spending in a time of reducing tax revenues. I care about a strong national defense and continued defense research. I care about my first amendment rights, which I have been continually insulted for the use. I care about the consolidation of independent regulatory agencies under the executive branch. I care about growing unemployment lines, budget deficits and welfare roles. I care about recent procedural changes in the House of Representatives. I care about my country and its entire citizenry. If I do not agree with the government, local or federal, I have a duty to speak.

The ignorant nature of your comments shows that you have no room to accept any opinion other than your own. I do not ask that you come around to my way of thinking, but I do ask that you show my opinion the respect it deserves. I have heard so many liberal commentators express the desire to better understand our foes and engage in dialogue not hateful rhetoric. I challenge you to take the time to better get to know us, before making such blanket accusatory statements. By claiming every Tea Party participant is a bigot, you make the same irrational judgment as the Klansmen who assumes all men of color are criminals. I would not use such incendiary language to describe someone with a different political view than my own. I ask that you do the same. I may not agree with your opinion, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it. I ask the same courtesy be granted to our movement.

I am neither a redneck nor a racist. I am college educated and an avid reader. I do not ask you denounce our President. I do wonder if you have the strength of your convictions to question his policies as you questioned the previous Administration. Following a leader at level of government is merely a matter of blind faith, which would violate the separation of church and state. While deserving the respect of the American public, President Obama does not deserve our worship or a blank check. As a citizen it is my proud responsibility to speak against any government policy with which I disagree and to foster civil debate. Your words do not spark well reasoned debate. You words breed hate and stereotyping. In this country whether a member of the minority or the majority, we are given once voice and one vote. Do not disregard rights. My thoughts are just a valid as yours. I do not wish to silence your opinion either, because this is America and you have a right to be an idiot.

But No one Listens to me
-Patriotic Progeny

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