And my Tea Party was hateful?

Friday, April 03, 2009

If Vegas had no losers…

One of the many talking heads made a profound statement along the lines of “What if Vegas had no winners or losers? What would be the point of going?”. Would there be a point? What is the point of living if there is no risk? Imagine if the pioneers stood at the top of the Rocky Mountains, only to wonder if their success would be guaranteed. What if the Founding Fathers refused to start the revolution because victory was not a sure thing?

What happened to our pioneering spirit? Our willingness to risk it all? When did we become afraid of our own shadows? Life will bring tragedy and triumph. Sitting on the sidelines is not a substitute for playing the game. Many players will be hurt, but the joy and agony of the game are worth the risk. Life will never be without risk. Nor should it be. No parent can protect their child from everything and no government can guarantee prosperity for all.

Life is our gamble and I am going all in. You? Are you willing to sit back and wait for your slice of government issued sameness? Or do you want to defy the odds and accomplish feats never before dreamed by generations passed? America’s greatness has never come from Washington DC. Our brazen desire to take a risk has allowed our fledging nation to redefine success. Without risk there is no reward? No pleasure without pain.

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