And my Tea Party was hateful?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Debate and Disagree

Hillary Clinton said loosely “I am an American and I have a right to debate and disagree”, while discussing Bush’s war policy.

Throughout the Bush Presidency numerous protests were scheduled against the Iraq war, Bush, Rice, Immigration and dozens of other issues. While out of power the left exercised their rights to freedom of speech, their right to assemble and their right to a free press. Now that the tables have turned, the Democrats are not so happy with the Tea Parties that sprouted up across this nation. Why do I not have a right to speak my mind? Why is my assembly less valid than theirs? Why should I have blind faith in the current President if I do not believe that his policies are good for my country? I am an American and will debate and I will disagree. It is my duty and my honor to challenge the status quo.

Today Americans joined together in Tea Parties to protest the growth of government, increased spending and the upcoming tax increases which will be required to pay for it. I am one of the 90% of American families that has received a tax cut from the Obama Administration, but I am not willing to accept a dime only to pay back a dollar later. I may not be an economist or a mathematician. One does not have to be that bright to understand one basic concept. If you spend more than you earn, you are going to be broke. This is true for households and for nations. We can not continue to borrow and print of cash. We must earn it by creating wealth and growing the private sector in our economy.

When Pelosi told the Republican members of the house that they did not need to see the revised stimulus bill prior to voting because the Republicans did not bill the first time, I lost my representation. I have a Republican Representative. When he was denied the option to read the bill, I was denied my representation. The concept of the Tea Party is wildly appropriate. The Republican Party is standing up for my beliefs. Though we are in the minority, we still have a right to be heard. The right wing of this nation is not happy with the growth of government. How happy will the left wing of this nation be if they lose the next few elections? I caution any politician against growing the power of their office. While the original intentions of the legislator may be pure, who will inherit that power at the next election?

I am going to continue to debate and disagree. I am going to continue to speak my mind to anyone who is willing to listen.

But no one listens to me
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