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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The American Dream

With every promise a politicians makes, there is a hidden undertone of disbelief. Those in charge do believe that we are capable of making our own decisions. They do not understand that we are willing to create our own destiny, our own jobs, our own prosperity and our own nation. We do not need a big brother keeping us on track and saving us from ourselves. The administration has lamented that the American dream is becoming unattainable, but I argue that American dream can never be obtained. The American dream is not stagnant and is not a single objective. It is not finite or tangible. The dream is different for each American and changes as each milestone is met. Our desire to do more, faster and better is what has made this country great. The pursuit is the American dream. Our ability to follow our heart where ever it may lead is the hallmark of a free people.
Often the American dream is defined as 2.5 children, a house with a white picket fence and a dog. What if I am a cat person? What happens when I achieve those items? Do I no longer qualify for the American dream? Once those goals have been met, the dream changes. The dream gets bigger and better. No government agency will ever provide the American dream to anyone, because of the dream’s dynamic nature. If the dream were achieved, do I end the pursuit? Do I no longer challenge myself to move forward? Claiming one has achieved the American dream would mean that their job is complete, that their work is done. We are never done. The dream must keep changing, keep growing.
I hope I never achieve the American dream. I will pursue it as long as I breathe air. I do not care what state the economy is in or who is in what political office. My American dream is my choice, my destiny, my life. The day I achieve the dream, is the day I stop trying. The day I stop wanting, stop inventing, stop yearning, stop caring. I am unwilling to shrug, unwilling to surrender. The dream will remain just out of my reach, like a carrot on a stick. I will never be satisfied and neither should you.

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