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Friday, March 27, 2009

Limits of Public Duty

“It were contrary to feeling & indeed ridiculous to suppose that a man had less right in himself than one of his neighbors or indeed all of them put together. This would be slavery & not that liberty which the bill of rights has made inviolable and for the preservation of which our government has been charged. Nothing could so completely divest us of that liberty as the establishment of the opinion that the state has a perpetual right to the services of all it's members.”

-Thomas Jefferson 1782

What percentage of my labor must the state claim prior to my designation as an indentured servant? In the interest of public good, the federal government adopted the policy of sharing the products of one man’s labor with the less fortunate. The new policies contorted the definition of “the general welfare” and exceeded the constitutional limits of the Federal Government . The intentions of the politicians are noble, because suffering is unacceptable in America. Despite the intentions, the results are contrary to our founding principles of liberty and equality.

In a truly equal society, each individual would receive the same benefit from the same amount of personal investment. Absolute fairness and equality is unobtainable because no two individuals are identical. Some people are better at math or are more athletic. Some are just plain lucky. Redistribution of the citizen’s assets destroys the notion of fairness. If we have no rights to our labor, then we have no rights at all.

Our republic offers only a single guarantee, that all people may pursue happiness. Our freedom will grant each citizen the freedom to pursue happiness as desired. The paths will vary as too the results. A man’s definition of happiness is a personal preference as well. My talents and tenacity will bring either success or failure. Freedom is a risky venture, but a far better alternative to accepting government issued mediocrity.

But No one Listnes to me,
-Patriotic Progeny

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