And my Tea Party was hateful?

Friday, November 07, 2008

Still Bitter...

I am still bitter about the election and will be for a while. However the battle is not over. Obama will be our next President (cringe), but we can not stop fighting. It is time to watch our Congressional leaders with the same zeal we watch the final seconds of the Tiger football (last season). Every bad idea Obama has must go through both Houses of Congress to become law. Watch you political leaders! I am revising the uncommon acumen home page to include a bad idea section. We were able to shut down the amnesty bill and we will stop agenda items such as card check, wealth redistribution, gun bans, the fairness doctrine etc.. I hope you will help us stand strong for the principles (see October’s blog a Matter of Principle). Use the voter links on the right to contacat your congressmen. I save the numbers to all my elected officals in my cell phone. If I am riding home from work and hear a bad idea, I pick up the phone and tell them what I think. I encourage all of you to do the same. Let them know we are not going to take it!

But no one listens to me
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