And my Tea Party was hateful?

Friday, October 10, 2008

I support John McCain

American culture and government are woefully deficient in honor and commitment. Liberals in congress protect government sponsored enterprises from regulation, while the CEO’s fudge the earnings statements to increase bonus payments. The cronyism stretching from Wall Street to Washington is nauseating and getting worse. Graduates from prestigious universities dominate our political and business class, leaving the general population unrepresented. Honorable men and women would put the priorities of the American people above personal monetary gain. A committed citizenry would have never allowed the corruption to become so prevalent. Honor and commitment are two principles every American strives to have in their house and the White House.

John McCain is honor personified. He has served and sacrificed for our nation in both peace time and in war. Military service is still an attribute in my book. My ideology differs from John McCain’s platform on some issues, but I know honorable men will make honorable decisions. In the Senate, John McCain stood firmly for what he believed and worked with members of both parties to achieve his goals. The maverick also listened to the people who disagreed with his immigration policies and revised his policy on the people’s recommendations.

The American dream can be summarized as Sarah Palin. Her commitment to her children and her community has promoted Palin to a national stage. She joined the PTA in her hometown and was running the organization in no time. She was elected mayor of that same sleepy little town in Stewards ice box. She was Chairmen of Alaska’s Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and protested the corrupt good old boy’s network. Her crusade to fight cronyism landed her in the Governor’s mansion and then on the Republican Presidential ticket. Sarah Palin is the type of women I want to be when I grow up.

I do not have a PHD in macroeconomics or understand the complex negotiations of the State Department. I do however know honor and commitment when I see it. America is not perfect but I am still proud to be an America. It may be corny or old fashion, but it is who I am. If your are interested in learning more about what is right with or country, visit John McCain’s website.

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