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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Conservative vs. Radical

Joe Klein’s article in the September issue of Time Magazine entitled “Conservative vs. Radical” exemplifies why the print media’s monopoly is slowly turning into a chapter 11. Obama has taught us that words matter, so the commentary will focus on the words. The full text of the article can be read at Time’s website. Please read the full text prior to commenting on my synopsis of the piece so the reader my properly judge the context of the below excerpts.

Klein (yes the guy who wants everyone to turn off their air conditioner) makes a single accurate point in the article, McCain is the radical an in this race and Obama is the cold calculating showmen (conservative in Joe Klein speak). McCain has been one to buckle to the established order of party politics to promote the people’s desires in the Senate. Obama in stark contrast has destroyed his political opposition and rarely reaches across the aisle (Obama’s carpet bombing political strategies do not leave others across the aisle to reach to).

Klein’s piece pretends to examine what the Vice Presidential pick reveals about the candidates. Klein declined the opportunity to compare and contrast the records and history of the four names on this year’s Presidential ticket. Instead, Klein used the piece as another opportunity to promote the Democrat agenda. Joe Biden is described in the article as:

“he added experience to the ticket, a reliable loyalist and gleeful attack dog, a working-class Roman Catholic with a terrific personal story”.

Klein used a single sentence to describe Joe Biden’s political career. Klein provided no criticism of Biden prior work or personal life. Biden’s family was not discussed nor was their political ideology questioned. Instead of criticizing the any of Obama’s politics, Klein provides constructive criticism to Obama campaign:

“It would be nice if he, say, challenged the teachers' unions, which didn't support him anyway and whose work rules choke out any chance of creative experimentation in the public-school system. Or if he stood against the atrocious Farm Bill, which spreads unnecessary fiscal fertilizer upon an already profitable industry. Or if he didn't feel the need to promise a tax cut to 95% of American families.”

The terms “it would be nice” or “he didn’t feel” sound more like character building criticism from your therapist than critical analysis of the next Commander and Chief. The words used to describe the Republican ticket are far more inflammatory. Palin is described as a “blatant porker” (Biden and Obama are not?) and having “a lack of interest in foreign policy” (Because I want the Governor of my state trying to solve the problems of foreign countries and ignoring the needs of my state). The actual number of words used to praise the Obama campaign is far less than the total used to undermine the Republican ticket:

“Palin was a blatant porker when she was mayor of Wasilla, hiring a lobbying firm to rake in the projects; she was close to the corrupt megaporker Senator Ted Stevens, a frequent McCain adversary and champion of the mythic bridge. Rather than putting "country first," her husband had been a member of a local secessionist fringe group called the Alaskan Independence Party, whose slogan is "Alaska first," and Palin apparently attended or spoke at several of the group's meetings. Her lack of interest in foreign policy and national security was the opposite of McCain's obsession with such issues. She called the Iraq war a "task that is from God."
Indeed, it seemed Palin and McCain held common ground on only two high-profile issues — an admirable rebelliousness when it came to their party's hierarchy and their opposition to abortion rights. Given the fact that McCain's top two choices for Vice President, Lieberman and Ridge, favored abortion rights, it would not be unfair to conclude that McCain's devotion to this issue was more political than personal."

Klein continues to criticize McCain for not selecting his mirror twin to be his running mate. Klein contends that this is a sign of McCain’s failure to properly vet Palin. McCain and Palin have a difference of opinion on many issues. This proves that McCain is not looking to fill his cabinet with yes men. Biden on the other hand will spout any party line in front of any audience regardless of the outcome (Stand up Chuck!). Klein’s failure to examine Biden’s record is another example of the failure of our media to provide honest exploration into the candidate’s record.

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