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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jindal Demonstrates Leadership

As hurricane Gustav bears down on Louisiana, the general populous recalls Katrina. The media is in a tizzy; Lined up across the Gulf Coast, they point their cameras offshore to document the storm rolling ashore. There is one stark difference between Gustav and Katrina. The difference is leadership. Our Governor has been on every local and national news network over the past 72 hours, briefing the public on the status of evacuations and preparations. Jindal stood behind the podium and line by line reviewed the process with the public.
He outlined the evacuation of the critically ill. He gave the people directions to the trains, planes and automobiles designated to whisk them to safety. He outlined how the contra flow worked and when the interstates would change direction. Point by point he ran through the list. Bobby Jindal has mobilized the state of Louisiana. Emergency vehicles have been traveling by caravan all day into the southern parts of the state via highway 1. He made agreements with other states to help with patient care. We have medi-vac in place, for those injured in the storm. He knew how many of nursing homes we evacuated. He knew how many critically ill died in travel. He knew where the nation guard was and where they were going. He spouted off statistic after statistic. I can not even recall everything he said we had done.
One can never be prepared for the amazing power of a hurricane, but I feel prepared. I have confidence that my state is prepared. It is a foreign feeling. One I have never experienced before. I hope my fellow citizens behave so this feeling may continue. I am certain that when the clouds clear, the clean up will begin. For once, my state has a plan. Weather (pun) or not he plan is sound; we will determine over the next few days. Prior to the Bobby Jindal’s election, I jested that I would follow Bobby Jindal off a cliff. Prior to making the leap, Bobby would inform you how far down the water is, what direction and speed the wind is traveling, when to jump to time the waves properly and what angle to hit the water to reduce the impact. Today, the whole state is following Bobby off of that proverbial cliff. I hope he is right.

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