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Saturday, August 30, 2008

I see your black man and raise you a women

My first reaction to McCain’s Vice-presidential pick was not resoundingly positive. Sarah Palin will have more appeal in Middle America than either party realizes. As a politically active female, I am extremely skeptical any time the women’s vote is discussed. In far too many elections, the story line reads “a historic day for women across America”. The end result is often disgraceful, as an unqualified woman is elected to her post by my voting sisters for no other reason than the candidate has internal plumbing. Please take a moment to recall Kathleen Blanco, former Governor of Louisiana.
The Democrats must be joking. I hope this drum beat continues. The more Palin’s experience is discussed, the more Obama’s experience will come into question. Palin has served as Governor of the State of Alaska for two years. Obama has served in the United States Senate for two years. Unlike the Members of the United States Congress the Governor of Alaska goes to work everyday. The Governor has to run an education system, a national guard and is responsible for the day to day Executive decisions required to run a municipality. Governor Palin has more executive experience than all three of the men on this year’s Presidential Ballot combined and multiplied by ten. With any luck, the Democratic Party will continue the constant drum beat of experience and McCain keep running his campaign on the high road.
Washington needs change from outside the beltway and Governor Palin can offer that change. Obama, Biden and McCain have been drinking the water in D.C. (I am convinced in is tainted in some way) for far too long. Governor Palin, former Miss Wasilla, represents real grassroots change emerging from real Middle America. Palin did not attend an exclusive private high school or an Ivy League university. She attended the local public high school, Wasilla High School, as a child and received her Bachelors degree in Journalism-Communication with a Minor in Political Science from the University of Idaho.
Sarah Palin married her high school sweetheart and began a family in her hometown of Wasilla Alaska. In 1992 she was elected to the Wasilla city council and was elected Mayor of Wasilla. Wasilla is small town and Palin’s opponents will try to use this against her. How does running a small town qualify you to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency? I think I would feel more comfortable in Wasilla Alaska than in Washington DC. As a mother of 5, Palin helps her husband run the family commercial fishing business. As Mayor she reduced property taxes and her own salary. Her husband is a registered Democrat and a union member and her son, who is about to deploy to Iraq, is a registered independent.
She served as Commissioner of the Alaskan Oil and Gas Conservation Committee from 2003 to 2004. She resigned to protest the corruption after her complaints about illegalities where ignored. After her resignation Palin continued to challenge the Republican establishment, despite party backlash. She is still fighting the allegation of those whose corruption she exposed.
In 2006 Palin ran for Governor of Alaska on a reform policy and followed through with her promises. Governor Palin is on the ground floor of the energy debate. Alaskans rely on the energy industry and their natural tourism to boast their economy. Balancing the environment and our need to expand energy production are concerns which Governor Palin is affected by daily in her hometown. Plain brought a law suit against the federal government over falsely placing the polar bear on the endangered species list. As Governor, she has reached across the aisle to bring change to the state of Alaska. Palin is one of Alaska's most popular Governors.
Sarah Palin is a real American, in touch with working people. She is not a Washington insider. She is a working mother of 5, giving birth to her fifth child while serving as Governor of Alaska. Personally, I would love to see a normal person in the White House. Some one who did not go to law school? I would like to see a candidate who has held a real job and raised a normal family. She is a life long hunter and member of the NRA. Her husband is a semiprofessional snowmobiler; seriously, the First Gentlemen of the State of Alaska is a semiprofessional snowmobiler. She is brilliant, witty and beautiful. Sarah Palin is the kind of women young girls can look up to. She has changed my vote against Obama to a vote for Sarah Palin. Prior to McCain's selection of Sarah Palin, I was not excited about the McCain Presidency. The Republican ticket truely excites me now. I believe McCain and Palin will continue to challenge the "business as usual crowd". The combination of an expirenced maveric and an ambitious women may be just what Washington needs.
But no one listens to me
-Patriotic Progeny

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